Az Év Irodája

Loxon Solutions HQ

Address: 1134, Budapest Lőportár utca 20B
Year of handover: 2016 Q3
Area size: 950 m²
Number of employees: 75
Tenant company: Loxon Solutions Zrt.
office furniture
Decor Floor Kft.
interior design
Mashroom Design

Short introduction

The headquarters of Loxon has recently undergone a full refurbishment; now we have an office that is multi-generational and has the newest, cutting-edge interior design ideas manifested. 950 squaremetres of space was born in an unusual way – with all its advantages and drawbacks – by opening all walls between 17 apartments. With this structure, 70% of the office is used for traditional, work-related activities and the rest is offered for recreation – take only few steps away from your work station and you will immediately feel cosy and have the chance to recharge and get new inspiration in the recreational area.

Reasons to win the award

Our new office space is one of the very few in Hungary where almost all furniture and interiors follow a unique design. Apart from the chairs every detail was dreamed and delivered by the team of Mashroom Design. For us and our designers, the challenge of creating this space did not lie in combining different pieces of office furniture off the production line but in actually bringing designs to life to fit each other in the most harmonious way possible. Thus, compromise was not an option, neither with materials nor with colours; like puzzle pieces, everything was crafted into its right place and purpose. In addition, this way of design is highly cost-efficient compared to choosing the pieces of the interior from the already exisiting selection of design companies and at the same time a high level of uniqueness can be achieved with these quasi prototypes. Needless to say, vast amounts of creativity and effort was invested into the process which – of course – proved to be fruitful: we can enjoy working in an office that is very distinct amongst the other newly built working environments.