Helvetic Clinics

Address: 1065, Budapest Révay utca 12.
Year of handover: 2015 Q3
Property size: 3600 m²
facility management
Accent Hotel Management

Short introduction

When it comes to providing top quality dental services, Helvetic Clinics has been a front-ranker for years in the international arena. The Budapest clinic – offering complex in-house services – opened in 2015. The building got restored in line with a rebuilt-to-suit concept, and already confirmed the owner’s expectations during the first 3 months after the official opening with its unique architectural solutions and well-thought-out business model.

The property is located at 12 Révay Street in the heart of the city, on a road connecting the Opera House with St. Stephen’s Basilica, parallel to Andrássy Street.
The neighborhood has all the advantages that a downtown location can offer: it is ideally accessible both by public transportation and car; a wide array of top quality services are available within a couple of minutes; not to mention the proximity of touristic sights that are imperative for foreign visitors.

The owner, the developer and the general contractor share a strong commitment to sustainability, as manifested by their use of innovative built-in technologies. The solar panels on the roof contribute to domestic hot water production, LED bulbs enable energy-efficient lighting, while aerators ensure an optimized use of water resources. The central Building Management System can control electrical and mechanical system elements in each room, individually.

Reasons to win the award

As reflected in the comments on various hotel booking sites and TripAdvisor, as well as by the commercial success of the first months, the location of the property, the aesthetic and technical value of the fit-out, and the diversity of professional services meet even the highest of user expectations.

This project is a benchmark for how architectural treasures can be infused with a modern, clean style, high functionality and technical excellence. All the above reasons contributed to the top global ranking of Helvetic Clinics on the list of international dental clinics. https://www.globalclinicrating.com/dental/hungary


Behind the restored historic, characteristic wavy façade, a completely renewed building was created with a dual function. On the one hand, it functions as a live-in dental clinic, equipped with the most modern technology, on the other hand, it is operated as a 3-star hotel of high comfort (with 53 rooms and 3 panoramic apartments with roof terraces) by Accent Hotel Management.

The two functions perfectly complement each other, as the Swiss dental clinic offering the most complex services in Budapest is mostly visited by clients from abroad during weekdays, allowing for touristic use during the weekends, thus optimizing the hotel’s occupancy and operational efficiency.