OPL Attorneys


Cím: 1036, Budapest Perc 6

Átadás éve: 2016 Q4

Kialakított terület mérete: 200 m²

Irodában dolgozók száma: 25

Rövid bemutatkozás

With a young and vibrant international team, our office is different than the standard offices in our industry. We're a law firm, but we don't look and feel like one: we're funky, colorful and spirited. Each part of the office has its own story and has been personalized to fit each employee's personality. Besides the piano, the foosball table, gaming room, boxing corner and dog office, our walls display collections of postmodern art and comic books posters, vintage furniture and old school electronics. In a green, stress-free environment, visitors are greeted by our office dog, Lali, a young viszla, who's making everyone smile, while our colleagues can relax on their couches whenever they feel like taking a nap during long days of work.
The office, built in a loft, has been renovated last year to accommodate the growth of a fastly developing business. From 4 people six years ago, the office now has 25 members from multiple countries.